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Play on the most advanced GTA 5 RPG server in a free environment, without many restrictions and with the possibility to win real money!
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Earn real money

We have a market where you can sell your in-game assets for real money and withdraw it, plus a referral system which can help you earn from your referral's purchases.

Stable economy

We will never modify dealership stock, businesses fees, etc. without a very good reason. In our early development you might experience some changes though.

No wipes

We will never wipe the server or reset anybody's account, never! There is no reason to do so.

No permanent bans

The only reasons you can get banned is using cheats or abusing bugs without reporting them, but even these reasons won't get you a permanent banned.

Open to suggestions

We are always open to our your suggestions, don't hesitate to post it on our discord server!

Automated and modern

We offer many automated and modern RPG systems which will make your life much easier.

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